Portland PNLHA conference on KBOO radio

KBOO logoThe 2016 PNLHA conference was discussed on the Old Mole Variety Hour radio show on KBOO radio, Portland’s community radio station, on May 16, 2016. Historian Laurie Mercier interviewed Oregon PNLHA vice-president Ron Verzuh on highlights of the weekend conference at the Portland State University Hotel and Conference Center.


KBOO interviews Oregon trustees

Oregon trustees Ryan Wisnor and Nathan Moore were guests on Portland radio station KBOO’s Labor Show in October. Hosting the show were PNLHA secretary Lane Poncy and member and author Susan Stoner. One of the topics: Why they joined the PNLHA.


Oregon trustee from Portland Ryan Wisnor.

For Ryan, the PNLHA “has a lot to offer folks who are younger, who are in unions, but also folks who are in non-unionized workplaces.” Ryan said that for him, “the association has brought me in contact with a generation of workers who have gone through struggles similar to the ones I experience in my day to day life.” Ryan’s specific interest is oral history, so that was another draw to the association.

Kate and Nathan 3

Oregon trustee from Eugene Nathan Moore.

For Nathan, a labor history specialist in the music of longshoreman Harry Stamper and others, the PNLHA “was the perfect place for me to present my information.” Nathan added that he “liked the mix of academic folks and…regular folks who are just interested in history, workers, etc. It wasn’t a boring old academic conference.” Nathan also performs as a musician at PNLHA events.

To hear the full interview: http://kboo.fm/laborradioon083115 .