2019 Labor History Calendar

2019 PNLHA Labor History Calendar — Time to Order

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Last year, the PNLHA distributed 8,000 calendars.

Please consider joining the PNLHA in 2018 to reserve your calendar for 2019! Members who join in 2019 will receive the 2020 calendar.

We are now taking orders for the 2019 PNLHA Labor History wall calendar, in its 41st edition, is the only regional labor calendar in the country and we are extremely proud of that!

Last year, over 8,000 calendars were distributed and with your help we can accomplish this again.

Many of our local unions buy the calendars and give as a “thank you’” to shop stewards, e-board members & the membership at-large. Some buy and resell to help fund educational or labor history committees. These calendars also make great gifts for family, friends and co-workers! There are many ways to spread the word about


The 2019 calendar includes dozens of historical pictures as well as local union charter dates and major labor events.

The theme this year is “Solidarity Centennial”, and it relates to the the anniversary of the 1919 Seattle General Strike the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, and the 1919 Centralia Massacre, as well as other themes. While the scope is the Pacific Northwest, the calendar’s topical scope and themes are of interest to those beyond the region.
We’ve been striving to include labor history that puts the history of women and people of color on the forefront and the narratives of individual workers alongside big organizational histories.
You may note that the text has expanded to more historical detail. In an era where everything has been reduced to memes and tweets, we think of this calendar is a chance for real teachable moments of labor history that most of us were never taught in school.

A large number of the union’s custom imprint their calendars advertising local union information, meeting dates, website/phone number

As always, each 2018 PNLHA dues paying member is mailed a complimentary calendar

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