Constitution & Bylaws



Revised April 8, 2018

ARTICLE I     Name

This organization shall be known as the Pacific Northwest Labor History Association.


ARTICLE II     Purposes

The Purposes of this Association are:

A         To create an interest in the field of worker, labor, and trade union           history and to promote and publish research in that area.

B         To facilitate a closer dialogue between those actively involved in worker           organizing and representation in the Pacific Northwest and the        academic community.

C         To encourage the systematic collection and preservation of historical      documentation in the area of worker organizing and trade union     history.

D         To create a better understanding of the socio‑economic and related         political history of the Pacific Northwest.

E         To promote labor history curriculum in secondary and post-secondary   schools.


ARTICLE III     Membership

A         Membership in this organization shall be open to academicians,    teachers, members and officers of trade unions and worker-based        organizations , labor attorneys and representatives, archivists,     writers, and anyone having a general interest in the historical           development of workers and trade unions in the Pacific Northwest.

B         PNLHA Vice-Presidents will be sent an updated membership list for       their region with contact information and affiliation every six-months or           upon request.


ARTICLE IV     Officers and Trustees

A        The governing body of the PNLHA shall be the Annual General        Meeting (AGM) of the Association membership at the annual conference. In the interim between conference membership meetings,             the Executive Board will be the governing body.

B       The elected officers of this Association shall be as follows: President,      Oregon Vice President, Washington Vice President, British Columbia    (B.C.) Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer USA, and Treasurer Canada   and such officers shall comprise the Executive Board for the duration of          the term for which they were elected.

C        Trustees will be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and be     comprised of a minimum of three (3) Trustees from Oregon, three (3)   Trustees from Washington and three (3) Trustees from B.C.










ARTICLE V     Duties of Officers and Trustees

A         President


  • Shall preside at all official meetings and shall perform other

duties as may be designated by the Executive Board.


  • Shall call business meetings of the Executive Board three (3) times a

year. If VP can not attend, they can send a trustee or use SKYPE- like alternate communications. A majority of the members of the Executive Board may call business meetings.


  • May appoint standing and/or ad hoc committees for Associaiton research projects and other activities.


  • Will be alert to opportunities to promote the PNLHA mission in all Jurisdictions.


  • In the absence of the President, one of the Vice Presidents, selected by mutual agreement among them, shall perform all duties required for that office.


B       The Vice Presidents


1        Shall be available to help coordinate the activities of the Trustees                                     of their region and create and carry out a comprehensive state or                             provincial work plan aimed at membership recruitment and                                 program development in consultation with the President of the                                       Association.


            2       Shall organize a Planning Committee for the year of an annual

conference or other large event scheduled in their areas.


3        During the years a Vice President is not involved in the planning

of the annual conference, the VP shall call at least one meeting of

the province’s or state’s Trustees to discuss conference          promotion, memberships, calendar sales, etc. prior to the annual



4         Will lead in developing and organizing events and activities            relating to the PNLHA mission in their region.


5         Will remain in frequent conversation and consultation with the

PNLHA President. It is recognized that such communication is a               two way street.


  • Shall solicit from Trustees, members and interested parties ideas and potential actions that further PNLHA purposes and shall inform

the President of these.


  • Will work with the President to promote new memberships and membership renewal.


  • Shall offer an annual printed report to be distributed to the AGM.


C         The Secretary


  • Shall keep an official record of Executive Board meetings and the annual business meetings and shall distribute minutes of the  meetings to Executive Board members and Trustees within 30 days after the meeting.


  • Shall be alert to opportunities to promote the PNLHA mission and inform the President of these opportunities.


  • Shall ensure that a copy of the Duties of Officers and Trustees is sent to all members 30 days prior to the AGM as well as any notices or motions.


D         The Treasurers


There will be one (1) American and one (1) Canadian Treasurer.

Each Treasurer shall:


  • Maintain accurate records of all income and expenses, supported by receipts, motions of expenditure authorization, and


  • Make deposits and write checks on a bank or credit union account to be designated by the Executive Board; and


  • Make the records available to internal audits conducted every three (3) years under the jurisdiction of a committee comprised of one trustee from each region; and


  • prepare an annual financial report for presentation to the AGM, detailing income, expenses and balances in a style and with content acceptable to standard financial institutions; and


  • Prepare an annual budget in consultation with the President and the VP and Trustees from their region(s).


E       The Trustees


  • Will be alert to opportunities to promote the PNLHA mission and inform their regioanl VP and President of those opportunities.


  • Shall serve on the committees deemed necessary in the pursuit of the Association goals.


  • During the year when a Trustee’s Province or State is responsible for an annual conference or other similar event, a Trustee should be available as much as possible for assisting the Planning Committee.


F         Officers and Trustees


  • If an Officer or Trustee is a member of a local union, or other organization, they should endeavour to build support (ie. attendance at conferences), and solicit those unions or organizatons Organizational or Sustaining memberships to the PNLHA.


  • If they are delegates from their local union to a Central Labor Council or similar body, they should endeavor to build support as described above.


  • Are expectedd to pay their annual dues on the first notice from

PNLHA and shall actively promote prompt payment of dues by members.


  • If vacancies occur in any of the positions of the Officers or Trustees, the President may appoint a replacement to fill that position until the election held at the next AGM.


  • A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.



ARTICLE VI – Nominations of Officers and Trustees


A         Officers – PNLHA officers are the positions set out in Article IV(B)


B         Nominations of PNLHA Officers will open sixty (60) calendar days, and

close (30) calendar days before the AGM each year. The President will

notify all members that nominations for Officers are open and outline

the process for nominations and elections. The method for notifying

members shall be as follows:


  • Members with an email account on record will be notified by



  • Members without an email account on record will be notified by mail


C         Members may self-nominate or be nominated by another member for   Officer positions. Both the candidate and their nominator must be          members in good standing with dues current. Candidates may accept    nomination for multiple positions.


D         When nominations for Officer positions close, the President or an

appointed Elections Officer will contact all nominees within five (5)

calendar days and confirm their intentions to accept or decline the





E         All nominees who accept nomination for an Officer position shall be

listed on the ballot for the position(s) they intend to stand as a

candidate for.


F         Trustees – PNLHA Trustees are the positons set out in Article IV(C).


G         Nominations for Trustee positions will be accepted in advance of the

AGM and continue to be accepted until nominations are closed in

preparation for a vote at the AGM.


H         Members may self-nominate or be nominated by another member for

Trustee positions. Both the candidate and their nominator must be

members in good standing with dues current. Candidates may accept

nominations for multiple positions.


I          Candidates unable to attend the AGM in person my provide an

acceptance in the form of a letter or email to the President.



ARTICLE VII – Election of Officers and Trustee

A         Officers – Elections of PNLHA Officers shall be conducted as follows:


  • Through electronic voting for those members with an email

on record


  • Through a paper ballot using a confidential double envelope

system; members who do not have an email address on record will be sent a mail-in ballot with instructions.


B         Voting is limited to individuals, not organizations.


C         Elections will be open for ten (10) calendar days; opening twenty (20)

calendar days and closing ten (10) calendar days prior to the AGM.


D         The electronic and paper ballots described in Section A will be

combined and counted in the sequence of Article IV(B).


E         A candidate elected to a higher position in the voting sequence will be

disregarded on the subsequent counts.


F         All Officers will be elected to a two (2) year term.


G         Officers will be limited to four (4) consecutive terms and Trustees may

serve unlimited terms.


H         Election results will be announced at the AGM beginning with the

Office of President and continuing in the order of Article IV(B). Newly

elected Executive Board members will begin their term immediately

following conclusion of the AGM.


I          Trustees – Elections of PNLHA Trustees shall be held following the

closing of nominations during the AGM. The method of election shall

be a motion or if requested, a secret ballot cast during the AGM. The

sequence and number of Trustees to be elected shall be as set out in

Article IV(C)


J           All Trustees will be elected to a two (2) year term.


K         Trustees may serve unlimited terms.


L         Election results will be announced and newly elected Trustees will

begin their term immediately following the conclusion of the AGM.



ARTICLE VIII – Removal of Officers and Trustees


A         Any elected or appointed Officer or Trustee whose actions are        deemed inappropriate for the organization, after being formally       advised to correct such actions, may be removed according to the             following process:


1           A formal complaint is brought to the Executive Board by any                                   member(s) in good standing;


2          If a majority of the Executive Board is in agreement with the           complaint and deem it sufficient grounds for removal, the removal     of that elected or appointed Officer or Trustee is required.


3           Appointment of a replacement shall occur according to                                              Article V (F) (iv).



ARTICLE IX     Revenue and Expenditures



A       The revenue of this organization shall be derived from                                               membership dues and fees, donations and other legitimate sources including the sale of the PNLHA “Labor History” calendar.


B         Dues shall be established by the Executive Board and approved by the   membership at the AGM and shall be applied for the upcoming calendar      year.


C         Expenses, exclusive of time, incurred by Officers or Trustees in pursuit             of the organization’s goals shall be reimbursed from the organization’s            funds. Proof of said expenses must be submitted to the appropriate        Treasurer (American or Canadian).

D         No funds of this organization in excess of $500 shall be expended except           upon the authorization of the Executive Board.




E         Review and oversight of any financial matters of the Association may be

done at any time by two or more Trustees in addition to the appropriate



F         In addition, an internal financial audit will be undertaken every three

(3) years under the jurisdiction of a committee comprised of one   Trustee from each region




G         A national bank or credit union account will be maintained by the

appropriate Treasurer (American or Canadian). The PNLHA President

or Treasurer may write checks on that account.


H        The American account shall be designated as the primary PNLHA

account. In December of each year the Canadian account will transfer

all funds in excess of $15,000 Canadian to the American national





I          Washington State, Oregon State and the Province of British Columbia

shall each be designated as a region within the PNLHA structure.


J          Each of the three regions may maintain a bank or credit union account.


K         If a national account already exists within the region, the Treasurer has

the option of combining the regional and national account, and to

track the income and expenditures for regional activities using

standard bookkeeping methods.


L         Revenues from regional activities will be deposited into regional

accounts and designated for the purpose of conducting business

related to routine regional activities, a conference or a special acitivity

approved by the Executive Board. Additional funds received pursuant

to Section O below shall also be deposited into the regional account.


M        In November of each year the regional accounts will transfer all

unallocated funds in excess of $5,000 to the American National account.


N        The Regional PNLHA Vice-President or Treasurer may write checks on

that regional account.


O         Any region needing additional funding for any project or event, shall

present a proposal which includes local fund raising efforts and a detailed budget for approval of the Executive Board. The Executive

Board will render a decision and inform the applicant in writing within

one month of the date the proposal was received.








p         Temporary accounts may be established for specific activities of the

Association, such as a regional conference, where no existing account is

logistically practical. Approval of the regional Vice-President and national Treasurer is required to establish temporary accounts and to

designate signing authority.


Q         A temporary account may be created no more than twelve (12) calendar

months in advance of the activity, and must be dissolved within six (6) calendar months after the activity. All remaining funds shall be

transferred to the appropriate national account.



ARTICLE X     Regional Conferences


A         The Executive Board will submit a report of its actions and activities and          make recommendations to the membership at the AGM of the          Association, which shall be held in conjunction with the annual PNLHA             conference.


B         The Executive Board is authorized by this Constitution to designate the             time and place of the annual conference in cooperation with the host   representatives; to take any legal action on behalf of the Association        which, in their judgement as prudent individuals, will effectuate the             purposes of this Association, and which are not inconsistent with the       provisions of this Constitution and Bylaws.


C         The Regional Conference will rotate through the involved States and       Province on an annual basis.


D         The State or Province responsible for that year’s conference will   organize a Planning Committee with a chairperson who will work       closely with the President and the Vice President of that region.


E         If there is a concern over the content of any aspect of the planned             conference the President will be notified and will consult with the       Planning Committee. If no resolve is reached, the President and the         three (3) Vice Presidents will consult and make a decision.


F         Local planning committees charged with organizing regional          conferences will submit a complete conference report to the Executive Board, including a financial statement, within three months of the           conference’s close.



ARTICLE XI     Amendments


A         This Constitution may be amended at any regularly called business         meeting of the Association by a two‑thirds vote of those members present who are in good standing. Proposed amendments to this Constitution and Bylaws must be submitted to the Secretary in writing         no less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the start of the AGM.





A         Business meetings of this Association shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, unless specified in this    Constitution and Bylaws.



















APPENDIX A – PNLHA Officer Elections

For clarity, the following chart shows how a vote for a PNLHA Officer would be presented and counted:

Position Eligible Candidates listed Alpha by last name Instructions
President A



Vote for one only
Vice President Oregon D



Vote for one only

If C was elected president, they will be eliminated from this vote for VP-Oregon and only ballots for D & E will be counted

Vice President Washington F


Vote for one only
Vice President British Columbia H


Vote for one only
Secretary J


Vote for one only
Treasurer – USA L



Vote for one only

If C was elected president or VP-Oregon only ballots for L & M will be counted

Treasurer – Canada N


Vote for one only




Revised May 22, 2016

Revised April 8, 2018