The Pacific Northwest Labor History Association (PNLHA) is a non-profit association dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of workers in the Pacific Northwest. We consider the “Pacific Northwest” to be British Columbia, Oregon and Washington.

Our members are trade unionists, students, academics, and others who share an interest in the history and heritage of workers in this region. We believe the labor movement must know where it’s been to know where it’s going. We depend exclusively on memberships to sustain our activities.

Annual Conference
An international organization, it holds an annual conference in one of the three membership regions. At this main public event, historians, students, unionists and others come together to share information and exchange views on past events that shaped the labor movement in both the United States and Canada.

2015 Calendar

2015 Calendar


The organization produces a colorful calendar each year. Available for sale individual and in bulk, it is free to members. Inside, the dates of historic events that transpired in the lives of working people in the Pacific Northwest are highlighted. The calendar has been welcome in trade union homes since its inception in 1979.

Membership Activity
PNLHA members are active in many areas. Some are authors of labor history fiction, self-published articles or booklets on hidden historical events, and academic works. Others remain active trade unionists that continue to be inspired by the history of workers’ struggles for rights, fairness and social justice.

Some are studying formally at universities and colleges. Others pursue study interests privately and among friends. All find a home at PNHLA. Some PNLHA members are teachers, lecturers, speakers, journalists, filmmakers and museum curators. Others are poets, musicians, actors and artists. Members get involved in festivals, help create museum displays, and offer labor history talks in schools.
The PNLHA is a diverse organization that welcomes new ideas and innovative approaches to labor history. If you are interested in the Pacific Northwest’s labor past, it will also welcome you.

Become a Member
Membership is open to individuals, unions, associated labor organizations (e.g., retirees councils), and institutions that share the PNLHA’s interest in preserving our labor heritage and promoting the study and appreciation of the history of working people.

To join, visit our Become a Member page. For more information on activities in your region contact: British Columbia, Washington, Oregon.