PNLHA, WSLC, LERC, and LAW Make Joint Educational Presentations at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater for musical “The Pajama Game”

In March of 2017, PNLHA, the Washington State Labor Council, the Labor Education and Research Center, and the Labor Archives of Washington made a series of joint educational presentations at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater for musical “The Pajama Game” exploring the legacy and promise of the labor movement in Washington through a tour of the past and present roles unions play in vastly improving the lives of working people, their families, and their communities. The presentations highlighted what unions have done and continue to do to resist oppression and amplify the voices of working people, tying them into the universal themes in the Pajama Game and current fights for social, racial and economic justice in our region.

See the slideshow from the heavily-attended sessions here!