Coos Bay member in Columbia magazine

Lionel Youst at the 2015 Seattle conference.

Lionel Youst at the 2015 Seattle conference.

Coos Bay PNLHA member Lionel Youst has had his article “The IWW– An Inherited Memory” published in the winter 2015-16 edition of Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History issued by the Washington State Historical Society. The article was based on Lionel’s presentations at the Portland conference in 2013 and the Cumberland, BC, conference in 2014.

Forthcoming in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly is his article “Harry and Agnes Bridges: A Couple at Odds,” the story of Bridges and his first wife Agnes Brown of Coos Bay. The article is an expanded version of Lionel’s presentation to the 2015 Seattle conference.

For sources, Lionel says it relies heavily on (a) taped interviews I did with my father in 1967, in which he told of his early experience with the IWW in Centralia; (b) Coos County newspaper accounts of the IWW in Coos County during 1912-13, included the deportation of the 23-year-old Wesley Everest who was lynched in Centralia on Nov. 11, 1919; and (c) a summary of my own experiences working at some 24 logging outfits in three states and British Columbia from January 1950 to April 1953, with observations on union and non-union camps at that time.”

Lionel, a frequent contributor to PNLHA conferences, will celebrate his 82nd birthday in early January.