Radical posters available online

labadiecollectionposter06The Joseph A. Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan Library has announced that its posters on anarchism, civil liberties, feminism, labor, and other political movements are online for the first time.

The library houses the oldest public collection of radical history posters in the United States with a digital archive of over 2,000 posters. The collection’s strongest holdings are in anarchism, and go back to founder Joseph A. Labadie. The Detroit-area labor organizer, anarchist, and author had the idea for the social protest archive at the university in 1911.

Many of the posters are visually striking, notes an article in Hyperallergic http://hyperallergic.com/217577/the-revolution-has-been-digitized-explore-the-oldest-archive-of-radical-posters/ also posted to Portside.com.

A sampler: one poster for a Toronto “Anarchist Unconvention” has ladies reminiscent of Matisse’s “The Dance” turning around cracking columns; a 1982 March for Peace & Justice poster in New York features colorful legs of different people emerging from a white dove; and, a 1996 Boston rally poster to defend rent control has raised fists illustrated as apartment buildings.