Fighting Fast Track and TPP

Working Families logoAshland member Wes Brain, a community organizer with Southern Jobs with Justice (, is urging other members to call Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and tell him to vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the fast tracking of the deal.

The labor movement has worked hard to stall “this horrible corporate deal,” as Oregon Working Families (OWP) has called it, but if it survives a Senate vote workers will suffer the consequences. It’s “a terrible trade deal that ships jobs overseas and gives corporations the power to challenge our national laws protecting labor and the environment in court,” says OWP.

“Southern Oregonians are against Fast Track,” Brain said, “and we want Senator Wyden to represent us for a change!” You can help. Dial 855-712-8441 to call Sen. Wyden and tell him to vote NO on the Fast Track bill!

For more on Fast Track: Huffington Post: “Pelosi: No Path Forward On Key Trade Measure” . On Working Families: .