BC film depicts worker history

These Were the Reasons DVD coverB.C. filmmaker Howie Smith’s 28-minute documentary, These Were the Reasons, provides an event-by-event glimpse at “the struggle of working people of B.C. to win basic union rights.”

Smith offers “a window into a century of union history.” Using interviews with workers, social activists, and trade unionists recorded over the past 40 years, Reasons unfolds that history “as told by those who lived it.”

Historic photographs and film footage depict the fight for equity and social justice, peace protests, winning the 40-hour week, and child labor. Interview subjects comment on labor martyr Ginger Goodwin, the On to Ottawa Trek, health care workers’ struggle against government attacks, and teachers “standing up for learning conditions.”

The film is designed as a teaching tool that connects B.C. workers’ history with today’s issues. To order DVDs, contact Smith at svdiogenes@yahoo.ca .