Working People DVD now available

]STEAMBOATNASOOKIN-C1920-NIS.JPG_na-3824-1_HRThe new video Working People: A History of Labour in British Columbia is now available in DVD format. The three 22-minute segments premiered on March 20 on B.C.’s educational channel Knowledge Network, the second segment aired on March 27 and the third on April 3.

A series of short vignettes depicts the history of B.C.’s working people from the 1700s to the present. Use of still photos is a highlight with producers employing some technical expertise to add three-dimensional movement. However, actual footage of events is in short supply and there is no commentary or analysis offered from local historians.

iron-workers-bridge - Working PeopleThough there are good vignettes on First Nations, immigrants, women workers, and various historic strikes, portions of the province’s rich labor history are missing or treated only cursorily in the 66 minutes of programming. Still, it is gratifying to see labor history so prominently and professionally on display thanks to Knowledge, the Labour Heritage Centre (LHC) and other sponsors.

To buy the DVD call 778-833-2800, go to or write to Landrock Entertainment Inc. North Vancouver, B.C. Working People is not available for streaming in the United States at this time.Working People

Teaching lessons have been prepared to accompany the vignettes.