A walk through Portland labor history

John Reed

Radical writer John Reed, born Portland, 22 October 1887

Ever heard of Tom Burns, the Wobbly “Mayor of Burnside? How ’bout the Portland Reporter, a strike paper in the early 1960s? Then there’s the 1934 Longshore strike and the founding of ILWU Local 5 at Powell’s bookstore?

Thanks to a walking tour of Portland produced by the PNLHA you can learn all about these historic events in the City of Roses, home of radical writer John Reed and other luminaries admired by the labor movement.

For a more detailed guide, see Michael Munk’s The Portland Red Guide: Sites and Stories From Our Radical Past (Portland: Portland State University/Ooligan Press, 2011) which includes 194 sites related to the city’s radicals, their organizations and important events.

The attached walking tour guide was published with assistance from the Northwest Oregon Labor Council’s labor history committee.

Portland labor walking tour