Hidden Ginger Goodwin

Piper at Goodwin's memorial

Piper at gravestone of Goodwin during Cumberland PNLHA conference. Photo by Leola Jewett-Verzuh

British Columbia members and those who attended the June 2014 Cumberland conference will know about Ginger Goodwin, the labor martyr whose death led to one of the first general strikes in Canada.

There now is a growing collection of accounts on his life and struggles as a B.C. labor activist, socialist and leader of a 1917 strike for the eight-hour day. The two main books on Goodwin – Susan Mayes’s Ginger and Roger Stonebanks’s Fighting for Dignity – are widely available. A novel, Red Ginger, by John Wilson can also be found in libraries or purchased online.

The attached two sources are less available. The first, by William “Old Bill” Bennett is found in Builders of British Columbia (Vancouver: Broadway Printers, 1937). The second, by former B.C. member of the legislative assembly, Corky Evans is an essay published in a thin self-published volume called “Return of the Ruling Class: A Collection of Letters, Essays & Stories by Corky Evans, MLA (Nelson/Creston).

Attached are the Goodwin-related excerpts from both works.

Hidden Ginger Goodwin

Ginger Goodwin Procter Storytelling Festival 2004 (1)