2015 PNLHA Labor History Calendar Order Form Now Available

2015 PNLHA Labor History Calendar will be our 35th Edition22015 PNLHA Labor History Calendar  Download Order Form Here
This year almost 9,000 PNLHA calendars were sold. With your help, we can do it again.
One way you can help is by your local buying in quantity. Some locals buy for their entire membership. Many buy and sell them to help union history/education committees.
Numerous unions custom imprint their calendars with color logos, website info, and local contact information. Over half of the calendars sold are with custom LABOR UNION imprints.
Included in the calendar are historical labor dates, local union charter dates, and major
labor events. Make sure your local charter date is included.

1 $15.00 (incl/postage) N/A
2-49 $11.00 each N/A
50-149 $6.95 each N/A
150-299 $5.90 EACH $6.80 EACH
300-499 $5.50 EACH $6.20 EACH
450-699 $5.20 EACH $5.70 EACH
700 + $5.00 EACH $5.40 EACH
For imprint clients, we have always received a 50% down payment.
For further information: call: 206.406.2604 or email: pnlha1@aol.com