Past Miner’s Memorial Days in Cumberland BC

Miner’s Memorial Day has been celebrated in Cumberland since 1985. It was begun at the urging of Barney McGuire to commemorate the miners who had been killed or injured in the Cumberland coal mines. With the collaboration of the Campbell River Courtenay and District Labour Council and the Cumberland Historical Society MMD also celebrated the resistance of the miners and their families to a system that exploited them for 80 long years.. This resistance was symbolized by people like Joe Naylor and Ginger Goodwin who were union organizers and political agitators.

In 2014 the PNLHA conference will be held in conjunction with Miner’s Memorial Day and the ceremonies and rituals  of the day will be an integral part of the day for conference attendees. It should make for a very full weekend.


plaque to miners in unmarked graves


The grave of Ginger Goodwin covered in boquets

Seattle MMD 2009 033

Steve Harvey, Barb Lempky, former curator of Cumberland Museum and Mike Keeelan

Seattle MMD 2009 038

Pipes march us to Miner’s Row

Seattle MMD 2009 036

Meaghan Cursons of the Museum addresses the crowd


Gordon Carter and Tabor sing ‘the Day They Shot Ginger Down”

Seattle MMD 2009 041

David Rovics , who would later write a song about Ginger Goodwin , sits and watches


Marianne Bell, Sy Pederson and Stephan Humes wait to speak


Anne Davis mc’s the ceremonies


ceremony at the Japanese cemetary marking the 70th anniversary of the Internment


David T Wong author of’ Escape to Gold Mountain’ talks with attendees at the Chinese cemetary


Bill Friesen checking out the Little Red Songbook during the Sat night dinner


A contingent of Solidarity notes sings at Songs of the Workers


The Labour Council flag flies from the shoulders of Michelle Waite


Steve Harvey sings ‘the Prince of Darkness’


Roses are laid at the graves of miners during the ceremony


Depending on the weather 150-300 usually attend


from all over western Canada and as far away as England and Peru


Music plays all weekend from Fri. night to Sat. campfires


A moment of silence

Here are some photos from the past few MMDs to give you a taste of the event